Freon and compressor oil adding/replacement

Bimmer Service offers you the following services for freon replacement:

verification of the freon quantity existent in the installation
adding/replacement of oil in the installation
installation cleaning of fillings with the help of a special device
identification of losses in the installation
air conditioning sanitation (odors released when air-conditioning is turned on)

This device automatically detects the freon quantity necessary for each car make and model, the oil quantity for the compressor of the air-conditioning installation and automatically fills both of them. The old oil is collected in a special container together with the other impurities and the installation is filled with new oil.
After the installation is verified and filled with freon, functioning tests are performed in order to check the parameters of the AC installation.
A car having an AC installation which has lost a part of the freon load consumes as much energy (fuel) as a car which runs according to the parameters, but the AC efficiency is minimal.

The inspection of the AC system is recommended every 2 years maximum.

Prices start from 100 Ron depending on the necessary freon quantity or operation.